How To Renew Your Hardwood Floor Without Refinish

Has your hardwood floor lost its original luster and thus looking drab and dull? Don’t worry. There is still hope of restoring its newness and brightness without refinishing.

A hardwood floor can quickly lose its gloss and shine and appear old and drab if there are some care factors you fail to put in. Then, when you notice that dullness the first thing that will come to your mind is refinishing.

Stop right there! There are things to consider doing that could restore the beauty of your hardwood floor instead of that drastic move of refinishing? Find out how you can perform this intriguing hardwood floor makeover.

4 To-do-Things to Renew Your Hardwood Floor

Some of these processes are easy to do and less expensive to save your time and your hard-earned cash.

#1 Cleaning

Using the wrong solution, especially soapy detergents, can leave residues and the reason for a dull-looking floor. Stop using that so-called ‘cleaning solution’ and look for the best hardwood floor cleaner for the sudden transformation and exciting experience.

Using such a cleaner and the right mop or pad will remove all dirt and the residues from the wrong solution to give you a clean and shiny floor.

#2 Deep Cleaning

Is your hardwood floor still dull? It is time to deep clean. When dirt, grime, and oil buildup over time on your hardwood floor, it will lose the original luster to appear dull with that old-look.

To restore the lost beauty, you will have to give it a deep cleaning which will involve using the right hardwood vacuum cleaner for sweeping. Then, you will clean the floor using the best hardwood mop and the best hardwood floor cleaner. Selecting such apparatus and following the user instructions is essential to avoid damaging your floor further.

#3 Removing Stains

Stains, whether old or new, can make your floor look old and worn out. Some stains can be easy to remove, while others are stubborn. It is essential to know the source of the stain so that you can know which stain remover to use. Be cautious while selecting that stain remover since some of them can damage your floor.

#4 Polishing

After removing stains, it is essential to even the tone of your floor to make it appear new. Using the best floor polishing is, therefore, necessary to not only even the color tone but, to fill the scratches while applying protection against further damages. Remember, before polishing the floor is it should be thoroughly clean.

Ensure to polish hardwood floor at least twice a year and make it a routine. But again, if you experience the floor high traffic, consider doing between every two and four months.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to the four things-to-do we have mentioned is to make your floor appear beautiful and appealing. If then it is beyond those steps, you have no other alternative but to employ an expert for professional opinion and refinishing if need be.

Take advantage to change the floor color to what you have always wanted to have.

How to Buy the Best Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Over the years, laminate flooring has rapidly become significantly popular compared to other floor surfaces. Most homeowners find this kind of flooring to be a saving in installation and the best to manage with minimal maintenance.

However, it is a delicate floor that can easily get damaged if you use the wrong vacuum cleaner such as a beater bar vacuum cleaner which can scrape the top finishing of the floor.

Using the best laminate floor vacuum cleaner is the best legit means of cleaning such a floor. However, not all vacuum cleaners would fit in this category of being suitable for a laminate floor and the reason to acquire knowledge in identifying them.

6 Main Factors to Consider in Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaner

When you know the secrets of finding the best laminate floor vacuum cleaner, you will never go wrong when buying one. Find out more of these secrets.

#1 – Mode of Operation

Vacuum cleaners come in various types according to they operate. Such are suctioning only vacuum cleaner, beater bar with suction, and steam vacuum cleaner.

The best to use on your laminate floor would be the suction only since the brush in a beater bar can damage your floor. However, there are some of those that have the technology of lifting the brush when cleaning a laminated floor.

Again, you can use a steam vacuum cleaner on a laminate floor but cautiously while carefully following user’s instructions to avoid damaging your floor.

#2 – Suction Power

The suction power which relates to the air intake is the ultimate of a laminate floor vacuum cleaner. Having maximum suction is essential in cleaning the floor. Less suction will not gather dirt inside its bag but will spew it all over the floor. The suction power will either be displayed on the unit or the package. Check it out to determine the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

#3 – Filtration

The kind of filtration in a vacuum cleaner will tell more about that unit. Some of them come with disposable filters that can be expensive to operate. Others have washable filters while others have additional HEPA filter for trapping in allergens instead of releasing them in the air.

#4 – Bag or Bagless

A vacuum will dispose of the trash either in a disposable bag or an inbuilt one also known as a dust cup. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The bag one is hygienically right since you won’t have to handle dirt directly while disposing it. However, you will need to spend on replacing the bag.

On the other hand, most dust cups will require you to handle them when emptying and even washing them. Again, the good of it is that you will not have to replace it unless it gets damaged.

#5 – Cord or Cordless

As simple as that, you can have a corded vacuum cleaner or a cordless one. The difference is the source of power. Most cordless ones use chargeable batteries while a corded one is electrical powered.

#6 – Accessories

While shopping for a laminate floor vacuum cleaner, consider the accessories added to it. The more attachments, the better the vacuum cleaner will be in handling other cleaning tasks. For instance, it is essential to get one which can double up as a pet hair vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner for stairs. That way, you wouldn’t need to have a vacuum cleaner for every cleaning task.


There are other factors you can use to personalize your laminate vacuum cleaner that are not in this list but equally important. For instance, the weight of the tool will depend on the user. Others are color, design, noise level, and the like. Get what will give you maximum satisfaction. After all, it is not a disposable unit but one that can last you a long time.

How to Buy the Best Laminate Floor Steam Mop

Did you know that in 1998 it took one woman Romi Haan a South Korean to solve problems women face till today? She liberated many people from dragging a bucket and a mop or getting down on hands and knees during floor cleaning.

The adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ found meaning then. It was the invention of the first steam mop.

Quoting Romi Haan, “It was a woman’s answer to a woman’s problem.”

Today, a steam mop has found a place in many homes, thanks to Romi Haan. This innovation does not require the use of any detergent or chemicals, and still, it will disinfect your floor by the steam.

You can use this same technology on your laminate floor but different from the one used on a hardwood floor. Then, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge in getting the right one for your laminate floor.

6 Main Pointers to Buying the Best Laminate Floor Steam Mop

‘Information is power’ and for that reason equip yourself with the knowledge power of selecting the best laminate floor steam mop in the market. Follow this guide to make that significant and important decision.

#1 Functionality

First thing you should check out is whether your choice is the right one for a laminate floor. This factor is essential to get it right in the first instance before moving to other features.

It can be much better if you get one that fits your budget and change it to a handheld for other steam cleaning tasks such as a rug, carpet, clothes, and others.

#2 Heating Time

You can’t imagine having a steam mop that will take ages to heat the water. After all, who has that time anyway?

Check out on the heating time to get one that heats up in seconds to salvage every single minute as much as possible to give you enough cleaning time.

#3 Steam Setting

If the steam mop is exclusively for a laminate floor, then it will not have any alternative setting. But if it is for cleaning other surfaces, then it is a must to have variable settings.

#4 Reservoir Size

Depending on how big your floor is, you need to select one with a reservoir enough to cover your entire floor. A small size reservoir would waste your precious time in refilling when you run out of water.

#5 Accessories

You don’t want to get bored with your steam mop doing only one task. Instead, you would be invigorated by doing other tasks with your unit. Get one that has various accessories for different tasks.

#6 Cord or Cordless

Selecting one with a cable or cordless would be a personal decision. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Using a cordless one which is battery charged will give you freedom of movement. While the cord one, which is electrically powered, does not run out of battery charge.


Others factors will zero on personalizing your steam mop. For instance, the weight will depend on your choice. The color also may differ from what the other users would choose. Get a steam mop that suits you best by considering the listed factors and some additional personalized ones. You will fulfill that dream of having your best, sturdy, and durable laminate floor steam mop.

How to Avoid Damages on a Laminate Floor

A house with a laminate floor is always a sight to behold. A well kept laminate floor would ever be apt and shiny with a brand new appearance.

To keep the floor in such a condition does not take much time and effort, unlike other floor surfaces. No wonder laminate floors have become more popular with home investors and especially the young generation. Other reasons that make this floor accessible are easy to install process, the low cost, and also durability.

However, it is a high risk floor to damages which in some cases would be irreparable while you can fix others but at a cost.

5 Damages on Laminate Floors and How to Avoid Them

Laminate planks are not real wood as they may appear. They are manufactured using different materials and in most cases, joined together using adhesive, thus prone to irreparable damages.

If you are new to a laminate floor, you may be wondering, what are these damages you should know? Here are some of them.

#1 – Scratches

Laminate floors are susceptible to scratches more than any other. To avoid damaging your laminate floor with scratches, you need to:

– Use felt sliders under the feet of your furniture.

– Have a doormat at the door to allow people to wipe their shoes to remove sand

– Avoid using pointed shoes on the floor

– Use the right cleaning equipment such as a brooms or laminate floor vacuum cleaner

#2 – Warping

Floor warping, otherwise known as the lift, is when a part of your floor curves inwards. Warping can either be a damage caused by water or lack of expansion gaps. Preventing warping problem you should:

– Avoid having stationery water on the floor

– Avoid using a wet mop and instead, use a damp while using the best laminate floor cleaner

– Wipe spilled water immediately

– Avoid installing this kind of floor on high moisture area such as bathrooms

– Create an expansion gap where necessary

#3 – Bubbling

Bubbling is another water-damage on laminate flooring. To avoid this type of damage, you need to:

–    Wipe off any liquid spill immediately before getting between the board planks

–    Avoid using water soaked mop when cleaning your floor by ensuring you’ve squeezed out the water entirely before using it

#4 – Peaking

Peaking is an issue that occurs when the planks are struggling for space and some lift at the joints for lack of enough sitting space. Peaking, in most cases, is caused by weather extremes either during wetness or dryness which cause the planks to expand.

You can only avoid such an occurrence during the installation of the floor by giving the planks enough room to expand.

#5 – Staining

Staining is another issue which we can classify as damaging. Some spills such as wine, grape juice, tomato sauce, and others can stain your floor.

How then can you solve the staining issue? Use a rug where you sit when eating, wipe spills before they stain the floor, and take other precautions that may seem best to you.


In conclusion, there is no damage issue you cannot solve. Get in touch with laminate floor experts near you when you can’t solve a problem by yourself. That way, you might save your floor from further damage.

7 Most Common Damaging Mistakes on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is an ancient floor décor that has never lost its natural beauty and allure to this day. In fact, it is the number one appealing floor in most homes in the developed countries.

The natural beauty and elegance is one reason that a hardwood floor still tops the list of all floor décor besides the warmth it provides and safety from being slippery. Nevertheless, as elegant as it might be, it is susceptible to damages due to any slight wrong action. Be careful when handling it to avoid messing it up while looking to uplift its luster and elegance.

While employing extra care by selecting the right tools or cleaning solutions you will use there are things you might mistakenly do that can cause severe damages to the floor. You will therefore avoid some of those mistakes when you get informed about them.

7 Mistakes that can Damage Your Hardwood Floor

In this list, you will get to know some of the common hardwood floor mistakes that can damage the floor and how to avoid them.

#1 – Doormats

As simple as it might be, lack of a doormat can lead to scratches on your hardwood floor and thus deteriorate it. Stepping inside the house in shoes can bring in grit which will then cause scratches.

Placing a doormat and especially with a ‘Welcome’ sign is a way polite way to ask your visitors to wipe their shoes as well as to make your visitors feel welcomed and homely.

Shoes with sharp heel are also damaging to the floor. Don’t walk on the floor with this kind of shoes. Use house slippers on your floor.

#2 – Sweeping

Failing to sweep or vacuum clean your floor more often can cause buildup dirt which can cause scratches or marks by stepping on them. Sweep the floor regularly using one of the best hardwood floor brooms with soft bristles. You will then avoid scratching the floor by using the wrong broom with hard bristles and stepping on grit.

#3 – Furniture Glides

Placing furniture directly on the wood floor would be detrimental in causing scratches with when you slightly move them. Again, sitting on a couch or chair without a pad under the legs would destroy the floor by gouging it due to weight.

Use furniture pads under your furniture to avoid such damages and even making it easy for you when you need to push them around.

#4 – Liquids

Leaving liquids spilled on the floor for a long time can damage your hardwood floor. Wipe immediately as some can stain it. Also, if you must use water to clean your floor, use a damp hardwood floor mop or cloth but not a wet one as too much water can cause warping.

#5 – Cleaning Solutions

Some cleaning solutions are abrasive and therefore wrong to your hardwood floor. Don’t use just any cleaning solutions but be selective to get the best hardwood floor cleaners.

While most people preach about using vinegar to clean hardwood floor, refrain from using it or be careful to know how to mix since it is acidic and therefore abrasive.

#6 – Cleaning Tools

When you use a beater bar vacuum cleaner on your hardwood floor, you can ruin it by causing dents or scrapes to the finish. Use only the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor to avoid other worse damages.

Be cautious to get only the best brooms with soft bristles for your hardwood floor to avoid scratches from using hard bristle broom when sweeping. And for the mop, get the best hardwood mop for excellent cleaning without any damage.

#7 – Rugs & Carpets

Do not have rugs backed with rubber or vinyl on your hardwood floor since they can cause dullness or discolor. Change your rug or carpet’s position regularly for the uniformity of color tone on the floor finish.


Avoid these seven common hardwood floor care mistakes, and you will maintain beauty and elegance to your high investment floor while extending its life.

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