How to Avoid Damages on a Laminate Floor

A house with a laminate floor is always a sight to behold. A well kept laminate floor would ever be apt and shiny with a brand new appearance.

To keep the floor in such a condition does not take much time and effort, unlike other floor surfaces. No wonder laminate floors have become more popular with home investors and especially the young generation. Other reasons that make this floor accessible are easy to install process, the low cost, and also durability.

However, it is a high risk floor to damages which in some cases would be irreparable while you can fix others but at a cost.

5 Damages on Laminate Floors and How to Avoid Them

Laminate planks are not real wood as they may appear. They are manufactured using different materials and in most cases, joined together using adhesive, thus prone to irreparable damages.

If you are new to a laminate floor, you may be wondering, what are these damages you should know? Here are some of them.

#1 – Scratches

Laminate floors are susceptible to scratches more than any other. To avoid damaging your laminate floor with scratches, you need to:

– Use felt sliders under the feet of your furniture.

– Have a doormat at the door to allow people to wipe their shoes to remove sand

– Avoid using pointed shoes on the floor

– Use the right cleaning equipment such as a brooms or laminate floor vacuum cleaner

#2 – Warping

Floor warping, otherwise known as the lift, is when a part of your floor curves inwards. Warping can either be a damage caused by water or lack of expansion gaps. Preventing warping problem you should:

– Avoid having stationery water on the floor

– Avoid using a wet mop and instead, use a damp while using the best laminate floor cleaner

– Wipe spilled water immediately

– Avoid installing this kind of floor on high moisture area such as bathrooms

– Create an expansion gap where necessary

#3 – Bubbling

Bubbling is another water-damage on laminate flooring. To avoid this type of damage, you need to:

–    Wipe off any liquid spill immediately before getting between the board planks

–    Avoid using water soaked mop when cleaning your floor by ensuring you’ve squeezed out the water entirely before using it

#4 – Peaking

Peaking is an issue that occurs when the planks are struggling for space and some lift at the joints for lack of enough sitting space. Peaking, in most cases, is caused by weather extremes either during wetness or dryness which cause the planks to expand.

You can only avoid such an occurrence during the installation of the floor by giving the planks enough room to expand.

#5 – Staining

Staining is another issue which we can classify as damaging. Some spills such as wine, grape juice, tomato sauce, and others can stain your floor.

How then can you solve the staining issue? Use a rug where you sit when eating, wipe spills before they stain the floor, and take other precautions that may seem best to you.


In conclusion, there is no damage issue you cannot solve. Get in touch with laminate floor experts near you when you can’t solve a problem by yourself. That way, you might save your floor from further damage.

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