How to Buy the Best Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Over the years, laminate flooring has rapidly become significantly popular compared to other floor surfaces. Most homeowners find this kind of flooring to be a saving in installation and the best to manage with minimal maintenance.

However, it is a delicate floor that can easily get damaged if you use the wrong vacuum cleaner such as a beater bar vacuum cleaner which can scrape the top finishing of the floor.

Using the best laminate floor vacuum cleaner is the best legit means of cleaning such a floor. However, not all vacuum cleaners would fit in this category of being suitable for a laminate floor and the reason to acquire knowledge in identifying them.

6 Main Factors to Consider in Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaner

When you know the secrets of finding the best laminate floor vacuum cleaner, you will never go wrong when buying one. Find out more of these secrets.

#1 – Mode of Operation

Vacuum cleaners come in various types according to they operate. Such are suctioning only vacuum cleaner, beater bar with suction, and steam vacuum cleaner.

The best to use on your laminate floor would be the suction only since the brush in a beater bar can damage your floor. However, there are some of those that have the technology of lifting the brush when cleaning a laminated floor.

Again, you can use a steam vacuum cleaner on a laminate floor but cautiously while carefully following user’s instructions to avoid damaging your floor.

#2 – Suction Power

The suction power which relates to the air intake is the ultimate of a laminate floor vacuum cleaner. Having maximum suction is essential in cleaning the floor. Less suction will not gather dirt inside its bag but will spew it all over the floor. The suction power will either be displayed on the unit or the package. Check it out to determine the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

#3 – Filtration

The kind of filtration in a vacuum cleaner will tell more about that unit. Some of them come with disposable filters that can be expensive to operate. Others have washable filters while others have additional HEPA filter for trapping in allergens instead of releasing them in the air.

#4 – Bag or Bagless

A vacuum will dispose of the trash either in a disposable bag or an inbuilt one also known as a dust cup. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The bag one is hygienically right since you won’t have to handle dirt directly while disposing it. However, you will need to spend on replacing the bag.

On the other hand, most dust cups will require you to handle them when emptying and even washing them. Again, the good of it is that you will not have to replace it unless it gets damaged.

#5 – Cord or Cordless

As simple as that, you can have a corded vacuum cleaner or a cordless one. The difference is the source of power. Most cordless ones use chargeable batteries while a corded one is electrical powered.

#6 – Accessories

While shopping for a laminate floor vacuum cleaner, consider the accessories added to it. The more attachments, the better the vacuum cleaner will be in handling other cleaning tasks. For instance, it is essential to get one which can double up as a pet hair vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner for stairs. That way, you wouldn’t need to have a vacuum cleaner for every cleaning task.


There are other factors you can use to personalize your laminate vacuum cleaner that are not in this list but equally important. For instance, the weight of the tool will depend on the user. Others are color, design, noise level, and the like. Get what will give you maximum satisfaction. After all, it is not a disposable unit but one that can last you a long time.

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