How To Renew Your Hardwood Floor Without Refinish

Has your hardwood floor lost its original luster and thus looking drab and dull? Don’t worry. There is still hope of restoring its newness and brightness without refinishing.

A hardwood floor can quickly lose its gloss and shine and appear old and drab if there are some care factors you fail to put in. Then, when you notice that dullness the first thing that will come to your mind is refinishing.

Stop right there! There are things to consider doing that could restore the beauty of your hardwood floor instead of that drastic move of refinishing? Find out how you can perform this intriguing hardwood floor makeover.

4 To-do-Things to Renew Your Hardwood Floor

Some of these processes are easy to do and less expensive to save your time and your hard-earned cash.

#1 Cleaning

Using the wrong solution, especially soapy detergents, can leave residues and the reason for a dull-looking floor. Stop using that so-called ‘cleaning solution’ and look for the best hardwood floor cleaner for the sudden transformation and exciting experience.

Using such a cleaner and the right mop or pad will remove all dirt and the residues from the wrong solution to give you a clean and shiny floor.

#2 Deep Cleaning

Is your hardwood floor still dull? It is time to deep clean. When dirt, grime, and oil buildup over time on your hardwood floor, it will lose the original luster to appear dull with that old-look.

To restore the lost beauty, you will have to give it a deep cleaning which will involve using the right hardwood vacuum cleaner for sweeping. Then, you will clean the floor using the best hardwood mop and the best hardwood floor cleaner. Selecting such apparatus and following the user instructions is essential to avoid damaging your floor further.

#3 Removing Stains

Stains, whether old or new, can make your floor look old and worn out. Some stains can be easy to remove, while others are stubborn. It is essential to know the source of the stain so that you can know which stain remover to use. Be cautious while selecting that stain remover since some of them can damage your floor.

#4 Polishing

After removing stains, it is essential to even the tone of your floor to make it appear new. Using the best floor polishing is, therefore, necessary to not only even the color tone but, to fill the scratches while applying protection against further damages. Remember, before polishing the floor is it should be thoroughly clean.

Ensure to polish hardwood floor at least twice a year and make it a routine. But again, if you experience the floor high traffic, consider doing between every two and four months.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to the four things-to-do we have mentioned is to make your floor appear beautiful and appealing. If then it is beyond those steps, you have no other alternative but to employ an expert for professional opinion and refinishing if need be.

Take advantage to change the floor color to what you have always wanted to have.

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